Volunteers wanted for Islington Street Lab

islington street labVolunteers are wanted for PS21’s Islington Street Lab project, a community effort involving the short-term makeover of Islington Street to improve safety, vitality and walkability.

Islington Street Lab will temporarily modify Islington in the general area of White Heron, possibly including the Bartlett Street intersection.  The idea is to inexpensively test ideas. A leading national figure for this type of project, Mike Lydon of the Street Plans Collaborative, will facilitate community involvement, coordinate with the City, and direct the installation.

To get a sense of the project, see what New York City did on a much bigger scale with Times Square and other locations. (Probably the first 5 minutes is relevant.) The Islington Street project may be more like Complete Streets Demo Day in Keene NH, although everything is TBA at the workshop.


  • Thursday, May 12, 6:30-8:30 p.m. –  Design workshop at City Hall, Volunteers wanted!
  • Thursday, June 2  – Project implementation on Islington Street, hours TBA

Tactical urbanism projectVolunteers can be business or property owners, activists, artists, area residents, people with special skills such as in landscaping or street design, or people with a strong interest in city planning.

Registration is required for this project. Sign up online!

Also, everyone familiar with Islington Street is invited to read the comments and suggestions made at an April 28 preview event and then add your own.

Islington Street Lab is being done in cooperation with the City of Portsmouth’s Planning and Public Works departments and with the support of many West End businesses.

Event Sponsors: New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, City of Portsmouth, White Heron Coffee & Tea, VHB, Harbour Light Strategic Marketing, Weekender House, Port One Architects, Griffin Family Corp., STREET.

Season Sponsors: Chinburg Properties, Piscataqua Savings Bank, Seacoast Rotary Club, Coruway Film Institute

Event Partners: Martin Hill Inn, SIS Bank, Signature Escrow & Title Services, Sunoco Islington Street, West End Business Association, Port City Makerspace, 3S Artspace, Seacoast Media Group, The Sound


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