Workshop kicks off Islington Street Lab

islington street labThirty-three volunteers — residents, business owners, and other West End stakeholders — kicked off Islington Street Lab Thursday at a workshop led by Mike Lydon of the Street Plan Collaborative.

islington street lab workshop with mike lydonParticipants examined the challenges posed by Islington Street, focusing on the area near the Bartlett Street intersection and up past White Heron. They brainstormed ways the street might be made safer, more interesting and more attractive, and then considered measures that could developed and inexpensively tested on the street in early June.

Here’s what will happen next.

  • Lydon will create a site plan for Islington/Bartlett based on the workshop, and  submit that plan to the City for consideration re: safety, traffic flow, compliance with city ordinances, and the involvement of City personnel.
  • The plan will be divided into projects, and PS21 will create teams of volunteers based on their skills and resources as identified at the workshop.
  • Team members will gather materials, tools, and accessories; recruit others; promote the project; develop activities, etc.; and prepare for the June implementation.
  • The evening of Wednesday, June 1, Lydon will return to give a public presentation about tactical urbanism at 3S Artspace. Click to RSVP.
  • Thursday, June 2 project volunteers under the direction of Lydon will implement the plan on Islington Street, where it will remain up for several days to a week.

islington street lab

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