ADU Event Draws Full House

Nearly 90 people came to the Portsmouth library Feb. 22 to hear Ben Frost of the NH Housing Finance Authority and Rick Taintor, Portsmouth planning director, discuss accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and the city’s new ordinance governing ADUs.

The video includes both presentations and the Q&A afterward. Slides from Frost’s entertaining presentation on ADUs and the state law and Taintor’s detailed look at Portsmouth’s ordinance can be downloaded by clicking on the links. Portsmouth’s zoning changes also are available.

2 thoughts on “ADU Event Draws Full House”

  1. Thanks for putting the meeting together, i learned a lot about the law and the city application of it.My story is that I have all the necessary requirements for an ADU except that my house is a detached unit in a 3 units lot. I feel left on side and not to be able to get the intend of the law when is time to retire. Any idea how to talk to the city to fixed this issue ? Sincerely. Philippe Favet

    1. Contact the Planning Dept to be certain you don’t qualify. If you don’t, you can apply for a variance. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to lobby long-term with Planning Dept, the Planning Board and City Councilors. Some provisions, like the conditional use permit, were supposedly added so the Planning Board can see how the process is working and might be updated in a year.

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