Affordable Housing

PS21 hosted two January workshops on affordable housing — a ‘vision and education’ session that drew 150 people and an ‘action’ workshop with about 70 affordable housing advocates.

Video of Jan. 28 Workshop
Affordability in Portsmouth NH
Part I: Thinking About Affordability
• What makes a place affordable?
• Why is housing too expensive?
Part II: Affordability Tools
Part III: Q&A and Comment

Housing Preference Survey
View the images
View the results and comments

Action Items from Jan. 29
About 70 participants came up with 11 “action items” for affordable housing. Click below for more information. If you’re interested in working on an idea, send email to

  1. Hold a Design Competition For Underused Space
  2. Identify Open Space and Mall-Sprawl-Develop Neighborhood Centers
  3. Form a Transportation Task Force
  4. Hold Neighborhood Charrettes (Neighborhood Hubs)
  5. Target West End Redevelopment
  6. Design the Missing Middle – Housing Neighborhood by Neighborhood
  7. Offer More Innovative Housing Solutions – Variety, Infill, Smaller
  8. Evaluate ‘Unbuildable’ Land
  9. Change Minimum Lots Sizes, Increase Density
  10. Encourage Accessory Dwelling Units
  11. Streamline Land-Use Reviews
  12. Host an Event for Landlords
Jennifer Hurley
Workshop leader Jennifer Hurley at PS21’s action planning session Jan. 29 at the Portsmouth library.

Jennifer Hurley Presentation Jan. 28

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