No. 10: Encourage Accessory Dwelling Units

Action Name:
Accessory Dwelling Units

Brief Description of Action:
Allowing housing units to be constructed in existing dwelling units, next to dwelling units, over garages, in and over free standing buildings both attached and detached.

What problem is this action trying to solve?
Need for additional housing units

What are the goals for this action? If this action is successful, what will be the outcome?
Increase number of housing units in/ next to existing housing units

For this action to be successful, who else needs to be involved?
City of Portsmouth
Planning department
City residents

What are the first steps to take to move this action forward?
Change existing regulations that limit this development

People interested in moving this action forward:
Rick Taintor, Diane Stradling

If you are interested in working on this idea, send email to

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