No. 3: Form a Transportation Task Force

Action Name:
Transportation Task Force

Brief Description of Action:
Reduce cost of transportation to increase affordability of housing in Portsmouth

What problem is this action trying to solve?
High cost of living due to cost of transportation and lack of alternatives

What are the goals for this action? If this action is successful, what will be the outcome?

•Decrease parking demand
•Reduce vehicular traffic
•Affordable and accessible options for residents
•Make biking/ walking/other modes

For this action to be successful, who else needs to be involved?

•City government
•Transportation companies

What are the first steps to take to move this action forward?

•Task force incorporating diverse economic incomes, occupations, neighborhoods

People interested in working to move this action forward:

Nancy Pearson and Liz Ngyuen

Someone needs to organize the committee and recruit participants. If that person is you, send email to

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