No. 4: Hold Neighborhood Charrettes (Neighborhood Hubs)

Action Name:
Neighborhood Charrettes (Neighborhood Hubs)

Brief Description of Action:
Explore the creation of neighborhood hubs with diverse housing, retail services, community gathering space while maintaining the feel and culture of the neighborhood. (Note: Closely tied to radical transportation changes such as a network of public transport and bikeways connection hubs with downtown and Pease)

What problem is this action trying to solve?
Create neighborhood hubs to make living in neighborhoods more desirable and alleviate the housing pressure on downtown

What are the goals for this action? If this action is successful, what will be the outcome?
Engage neighborhood residents
Illustrate how neighborhood hubs can enrich the community and add value for all
Create a welcoming environment for housing diversity

For this action to be successful, who else needs to be involved?
Neighborhood Committees
Municipal officials
Volunteer professionals
Business sponsorship

What are the first steps to take to move this action forward?
Convene the neighborhood committees to identify hubs and plan the charettes

People Interested in working to move this action forward:
Gayle Sanders, Patience Horton

If you are interested in working on this action idea, send email to

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