No. 6: Design the Missing Middle – Housing Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Action Name:
Design the Missing Middle – Housing neighborhood by neighborhood

Brief Description of Action:
Housing charette to expand housing types and apply to city neighborhoods

What problem is this action trying to solve?
Learn broader housing options: very small to quite big

What are the goals for this action? If this action is successful, what will be the outcome?
One-day charette with all local design professionals

For this action to be successful, who else needs to be involved?
City government
Plan NH

What are the first steps to take to move this action forward?
Get organized
Plan, draw, communicate

People Interested in working to move this action forward:
Keith Wilkinson, Bob Vaccaro, Nick Cracknell, Steve Smith, George Reagan, Brandon Holben, Alyssa Murphy, Rick Taintor, Rebecca Perkins, Tom Emerson, Martha Fuller Clark

If you are interested in working on this idea, send email to

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