No. 7: More Innovative Housing Solutions (Variety, Infill, Smaller)

Action Name:
More Innovative housing Solutions (variety, infill, smaller, etc)

Brief Description of Action:
Change mindset
Remove regulations (sq, ft mins, parking mins, land use restrictions)
Small plots and variety

What problem is this action trying to solve?
Lack of diversity of housing
Insufficient housing stock
Low density
Underutilized space

What are the goals for this action? If this action is successful, what will be the outcome?
Increased diversity and density
More affordable housing

For this action to be successful, who else needs to be involved?
Planning Department
City Council

What are the first steps to take to move this action forward?
Pilot trial

People interested in moving this action forward:
Brandon Holben, Bob Vaccaro, Drew Fitch, Rebecca Perkins, Elisa Winter Holben, N. Scot Hull

Send email to Brandon Holben if you are interested in joining this group.

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