The rally to support the new Middle Street bicycle lanes drew quite a large crowd of bicycle enthusiasts to the Lafayette playground  on November 4.
Pictured above are City Councilor Ned Reynolds, Mayor Jack Blalock, City Councilor Josh Denton, and former City Councilor Brad Lown. You may peruse many other photos of this event on PS21’s Flickr site.

Accessory Dwelling Units

PS21 is pleased to partner with the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to bring Kol Peterson to Portsmouth. Mr. Peterson is one of the country’s foremost experts on accessory dwelling units. He will be presenting  on Tuesday October 2 at 7 PM at the 3S Artspace. Please register online in order to ensure sufficient seating.

 An ADU can benefit you by being a self-contained apartment for a family member, a caregiver, or to use as a rental unit for additional income. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – also known as granny flats, inlaw suites, and accessory apartments – are allowed in all New Hampshire communities by state statute. Accessory to the primary house on the property, whether attached to it (above a garage, on the side of the house, in an attic or basement) or detached (a converted garage or barn or new construction). 

Peterson’s book, Backdoor Revolution-The Definitive Guide to ADU Development, is the authoritative book about accessory dwelling units to date. It’s written for planners, ADU advocates, and homeowners who aspire to build ADUs. 

Peterson will cover the process of designing and building an ADU, and considerations including costs, financing, permitting, design, rental models, and more. He’ll also delve into why expanding the inventory of ADUs in New Hampshire will help homeowners, would-be renters, downsizers, and the availability of affordable housing for our state’s workforce and communities.

The event is presented by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, and co-hosted by the Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast and PS21. The event’s lead sponsor is AARP. The Lodging Sponsor is The Sailmaker’s House. Event Partners are the Seacoast Media Group,, 3S Artspace, Coruway Film Institute, Riverwoods Durham, and Ambit Engineering.

Following the presentation, we will reserve ample time for questions and discussion. The event is free and all are welcome. Please register online in order to ensure sufficient seating.

Purchase Backdoor Revolution-The Definitive Guide to ADU Development online for $10 (a 60% discount) and pick it up at the event.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

This just in from Portsmouth’s planning department:

The Planning Department is undertaking annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts in the coming weeks and we are in need of volunteers! As someone who has volunteered in the past we are reaching out to see if you are able to help us again this year. The counts will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2018 and Tuesday  June 19, 2018. Please see the following link for specific timeslots on each of these days to sign up:  The data that is gathered from these annual counts is vital to our bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure planning for the City and we appreciate any time you can give! Please contact Nick Fawcett (, 603-610-7309) here in the Planning Dept. with any questions. Location assignments and instructions will be sent out after sign-ups are received.


Phil Goff’s Presentation Now Available

Phil Goff is the New England planning and design leader for Alta Planning + Design’s Cambridge office. Alta is a Portland, OR-based consulting firm that specializes in active transportation facilities and programs. Goff has 20 years of experience in urban design, transportation planning and bicycle advocacy. A native of Keene, he has worked on various projects throughout the state and sits on the Board of the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH.

On May 23 at Portsmouth High School, Goff gave a presentation on innovations in bicycle facilities and design with recommendations for Portsmouth. Massachusetts cities such as Cambridge and Somerville have made great strides over that past 15 years in designing their compact and crowded streets to accommodate more bicycles. They have vastly increased the number of cycling commuters while reducing motor traffic and maintaining safety for all. There are a lot of creative ideas Portsmouth can borrow that are illustrated in Goff’s presentation.

Portsmouth to Paris Slides Available

PS21 received multiple requests for copies of the PowerPoint slides Dr. Edward Cameron presented on April 18 at 3S Artspace. We are pleased to report that Dr. Cameron generously made the slides available to the public. The slides may be downloaded here in three parts (owing to website limitations) Part1Part2, and Part3.

Dr. Cameron presented twice on April 18. In the afternoon, he addressed an attentive audience of 200+ students at Portsmouth High School. His remarks were effective in that he understood his audience, and he offered advice as to the numerous opportunities for careers that would permit young people to have a meaningful impact.

In the evening, Dr. Cameron addressed an equally attentive audience that was somewhat older than the first. A video of the 3S event will be posted here in approximately one week.

Paris to Portsmouth

PS21 is excited and pleased to host one of the architects of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the historic accord on climate change that currently enjoys the support of nearly every nation in world. Dr. Edward Cameron will be joining us on Wednesday April 18 at 7:00 PM at 3S Artspace at 319 Vaughan Street.

Dr. Cameron will provide us with an overview of the Paris Agreement. This will include detail on the architecture of the Agreement, as any successful attempt to align municipal strategy with the Agreement should borrow from the architecture.

He will then proceed with an assessment of the climate policy of our federal government, followed by an overview of how other non-state actors in the United States are building a low-carbon climate-resilient economy with a particular emphasis on the private sector, as he views this as an exercise in economic development for the region.

Finally, he will give us a sense of what would be needed to build a climate strategy on the local level, along with some guidance as to what individuals can do to be agents of climate action.

Following the presentation, we will reserve ample time for questions and discussion. The event is free and all are welcome. Please register online to help ensure sufficient seating.

Upcoming Events

Paris to Portsmouth – Part II
In October, PS21 will assemble a panel of municipal officials from other New England cities to discuss their efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.