Steps to configure Dodocool DC39 Extender setup via installation assistant

The Dodocool DC39 Extender setup is a powerful wireless range extender that provides wifi throughout your home to all of your peripheral devices. The key feature that sets this wwifixtender apart from others is that it works with 802.11ac wireless devices. A dual-band range extender will increase your internet connection even more than a typical range extender.

It’s straightforward to set up and utilize. This wiwifitender is excellent for children who use a lot of internet speed for their many wireless networks. It features a dual-band capability that allows you to split the bandwidth and run wifwifinals on the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands.

One of the essential characteristics of these wifiwifisters is the LED lights on the device that indicate where to position the range extender for optimal coverage. The key is to keep the extension close enough to the core router to avoid losing connectivity. By stopping you from going too far away from your main router, the lights on the wing will save you both time and money. The extender’s LED light will indicate the strength of your wifiwifial and will assist you in determining where to place the extender for the best wifi.

Your primary wifi connection’s range is extended beyond the scope of your initial wireless signal by using an extender. Place the extender inside the current range of your router, and it will open that signal outward. It can cover up to 100-150 feet with its dual-band range. Go to Ap.setup wise wizard to configure the Dodocool DC39 Extender.

Dodocool DC39 Extender Setup Ap.setup with installation assistant

Connect your router to the wifi rwifiextender.

Once you’ve successfully connected to your range extender, the user link light will turn solid green.

In your internet browser’s search box, type Ap.setup.

To complete the Dodocool DC39 Extender configuration, click the new extender setup button, then click Next.

•Click next after selecting your wireless network and entering your network password or passcode.

Change the SSID and password for your extender, then click Next to save the changes.

• Next, connect your device to the extender’s SSID before clicking Continue.

Your existing wifi newifwifiow connected to the extender.

Dodocool DC39 Extender Setup | Firmware Update:

Is your wifi extwiex-wife-ing weirdly lately? Is the intended speed still not achieved after a successful wifi ranwifitender setup? If this is the case, upgrade the range extender’s firmware right away. Extender Firmware is a set of instructions that are pre-installed on the device. In layman’s words, extender firmware is a type of operating system tailored to your unique extender’s make and model number. As a result, check sure your extension is up to date with the latest firmware. Here’s how to upgrade the ex6100’s firmware:

• First, turn on your wifi extewifi.

• Join the extender’s network with a PC, laptop, or mobile device.

• Once you’re done, open your favorite web browser.

• Type Ap.setup into the address bar and hit the enter key.

• Enter your extender’s login and password.

• Go to the settings menu and choose Firmware Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

• Finally, but certainly not least, click the Check button.

• Click the yes button to upgrade the firmware if a new version is available.

• Now, wait a few moments for the firmware on the Dodocool DC39 Extender to update correctly.

That’s it! Your extender’s firmware has been updated. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact the specialists.

WPS Method | Dodocool DC39 Extender

Follow these instructions to connect your wifi Rangwifitender using WPS:

• Turn on the DC39 Extender from Dodocool.

• Keep your router and extender in the same room.

• When you’re completed, plug your Ap.setup into an outlet.

• Wait for the power LED on the wifi extewifin to become green.

• Press the WPS button on the extender.

•If the Connection Status LED on the extension is white, your router and extender are correctly connected.

• Move your extension to a different spot.

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