Article Marketing Is A Great Way To Market Your Website

Article marketing has been used successfully by many Internet marketers. It’s a tried and true proven method of marketing. Don’t ditch it. Here are a few helpful tips to help you make the most of your article marketing efforts.

    Use keywords in your title. Always. Your primary keyword and, if possible, your secondary keyword. Put your primary near the beginning of the title.

    Make the title inspiring, intriguing, catchy, and captivating. If readers don’t take notice of your article title, they won’t read the article. The job of that title is to get people to read. Make sure they do.

    Optimize your article with keywords. Don’t get bent around the axle about it. Keywords are important but don’t sacrifice article quality. You want a piece that people will read and fall in love with. If you focus too much on keywords, you’ll kill that. Write the article first; polish it to perfection. Don’t worry about keywords. After you’ve got a knock-out article, go back and see where you can insert keywords without watering down content.

    Pick 10 or 20 excellent article directories with a high PageRank. Submit your article to those. Then submit it to iSnare or another article submission service with a broad distribution level for a reasonable price.

    Be sure to include an author resource box. This is where you sell yourself. Be short and powerful. Two or three sentences. One to three links. But make the links relevant to your article.

These are the basics of article marketing. You can make it work for you. Study other article marketers and see what they do that are successful. With a bit of effort, you can be successful too.

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