How do you know if you have rats at home?

The rats tend to be one of the most common pests in the garden and local stores but may appear in other homes. Do you want to know how to find out whether or not you have rats in your house? We’ll tell you then!

Do I have rats at home? Find it out!

To know if you can have rats at home, several unequivocal signs can help you. These are the following:

Appearance of feces and urine

The new rat droppings are black, bright, and clayey and can appear in any house area. Older droppings are grayish, dusty, and roll easily. 

The urine of rats is usually presented in lines since they let it go while they are running or moving. Its smell is strong and similar to ammonia, and the areas where it can appear are much broader than excrement.

Presence of objects with bites

This is an obvious sign of the presence of rats or rodents. Rats sharpen their incisor teeth and keep them in good condition by gnawing on all kinds of surfaces; hence if bitten legs, boards, or walls appear in the home, that’s why. 

Strange noises in the house

If strange noises are heard or noticed in the house at night, it may be due to the presence of these animals. Rats are nocturnal rodents and often go out to look for food, gnaw on surfaces, or run.

For this reason, it will not be strange to hear slides, the scratching of a surface, or even the squeals of possible babies. They communicate with their parents through pleasing, high-pitched screams. 

Presence of burrows

These can be well at the home entrance, if it is a country house, either in the attic or within the walls. If you see an accumulation of dirt at the door of the house or remains of the wall or paint next to a wall, it may be these animals. 

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