Review 7 good but cheap microwave ovens

Among the many types of microwave ovens today, it is difficult to choose a suitable and affordable product ideal for the purpose. But you can rest assured because we believe that you will make the most accurate decision after the following information.

1. BlueStone MOB-7709 Microwave Oven

LASSEN INNOVATION PTE owns the blueStone trademark.LTD company in Singapore. BlueStone products and components are manufactured according to professional regulations according to European standards CE (The European Conformity), RoHS standard (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), German standard GS (Geprufte Sicherheit), standard CB on product quality and safety.


  • The oven has a capacity of 20L, suitable for a family of 2-4 members.
  • Beautiful, luxurious design, easy to use, simple operation with a mechanical knob.
  • The 1050W power is higher than usual compared to other furnaces in the same price segment.
  • Oven cavity using enameled steel, easy cleaning, hygiene,  c Or do not make noise.

2. Enamel Microwave Oven Samsung MG23K3515AS Baking Series

It would be a mistake if we did not mention this high-end Samsung brand’s MG23K3515AS microwave oven product line.

Features of microwave products MG23K3515AS include.

  • Samsung microwave oven has a modern design, luxurious colors and designs, prominent in the used kitchen space
  • Microwave oven with a capacity of 23 liters suitable for normal household cooking needs Enameled steel microwave cavity
  • Ceramic Inside effectively resists scratches, does not discolor over time, luxurious shiny surface, fewer stains, is easy to clean
  • Electronic push-button control panel with a display screen for gentle, responsive, convenient multi-function operation
  • The safety lock disables the control panel, useful when using the microwave for families with young children
  • Power-saving Eco mode minimizes power consumption for essential features, optimizing energy even when the oven is not cooking.
  • The oven has a deodorizing feature that helps push the airflow in the oven cavity out, effectively eliminating unpleasant food odors left after the cooking process.

3. Microwave Aqua AEM-S2195W convenient, reasonable price

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a microwave oven, Aqua’s microwave product line will be an ideal choice for you.

The Aqua AEM – S2195W product has many great features.

  • Microwave Aqua AEM-S2195W has a compact, square desktop design.
  • The capacity of the oven cavity is 19 liters, suitable for families of about 2-3 people or less.
  • The product shell is made of stainless steel material, is extremely sturdy, and has a high heat resistance and deformation resistance. The outside is also covered with a layer of electrostatic paint that has a very good anti-fingerprint effect.
  • The maximum operating power of 700W makes food preparation easy and fast. There is also a timer, a convenient control panel…

4. Bosch BFL634GS1B microwave oven with 21 liters

This Bosch microwave has a modern, sophisticated design with an exquisite silver-gray tone, as well as helping to create a prominent highlight for your family’s kitchen space.

Moreover,  the Bosch BFL634GS1B microwave oven has a luxurious touch panel with clearly described function buttons. This has the effect of making it convenient for users to use the Bosch BFL634GS1B microwave oven. With a capacity of 21 liters, it is suitable for families with 2 to 4 members.

On the other hand, the microwave oven with seven automatic cooking programs and five microwave power levels will allow users to adjust flexibly according to their individual needs. In particular, this microwave is also equipped with new microwave technology without a turntable and the ability to heat by weight/time and defrost program by weight and time. The oven is equipped with very modern inverter technology to help save energy optimally for your family. There will be many promotions, discount codes, and coupons given; seize this opportunity to own a great microwave at a discounted price.

5. Which type of microwave is good- Midea MMO-20KE1 20 liters

When choosing to buy a microwave oven, you certainly cannot ignore this “golden face” Media MMO-20KE1 because this is a product that many people trust and receive very high reviews from customers.

Some great features of the MMO-20KE1 product.

  • The product is compactly designed, with a luxurious and youthful white color suitable for the kitchen space.
  • With a capacity of 20 liters, it is suitable for families with about 2 to 4 people. In addition, it is glazed, convenient for cleaning after use.
  • There are 5 power levels, and the maximum power is 700W with 3 modes of cooking, defrosting, and reheating.

6. Microwave Inverter Panasonic PALM-NN-GD371MYUE with convenient grill

If you have enough financial resources and high requirements for microwave products, the Panasonic PALM-NN-GD371MYUE will be an ideal choice.

Some key features of this line of Panasonic microwave ovens.

  • The oven has an impressive design with an elegant, modern silver-tone, extremely luxurious design to help highlight the kitchen space.
  • Product capacity of 23 liters helps to process food in large quantities, suitable for families with many people.
  • There is a very modern Inverter technology that ensures the ability to produce heat faster than conventional devices.
  • The combination of microwave and grill mode with a large capacity of 950W and 1000W respectively.
  • There are also up to 13 automatic cooking programs, smart timer modes, and an easy-to-use control panel.

7. Electrolux EMM2308X microwave oven with convenient 23 liters capacity

Many families trust this product line because of its excellent processing ability with different modes. Along with that, the price is suitable for the pocket of consumers.

Some features of the Electrolux EMM2308X microwave oven.

  • This is one of the most beautifully designed products of the brand, which is very suitable for the kitchen space.
  • The oven has 5 levels of power adjustment 150W – 800W, with a rotary button to set the appropriate mode and cooking time.
  • The oven cavity has a large capacity of 23 liters with a very handy turntable. There is also a timer mode, smart control panel,…


Above is an article that reviews seven good microwave ovens that are the cheapest. Hopefully, you have had the most comprehensive view to know which microwave oven is best with the detailed and objective information above. And remember to use discount codes, coupons when buying to save costs. Be a savvy consumer to make your kitchen more comfortable and life more convenient!

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