What is Dormakaba and Why Is It Trusted when It Comes to Door Locks?

Door closers are as crucial as other door system parts, such as locks and handles. But they don’t attract as much attention as the parts within eye level or those we get in contact with. 

Door closers are installed at the top part of doors, so you might not even pay attention to them, but they’re critical in ensuring that gates function correctly. As simple as these tools may seem, door closers can perform several jobs. They help boost safety and security and also help conserve energy. 

One of the leading door hardware suppliers in Singapore and across the globe is Dormakaba. Dormakaba traces its roots in 1905 in Germany. Its extensive product line includes building and door openings, entrance systems, and safe locks. 

Whether you need door locks, closers, or hardware for your home or business, Dormakaba has options worth considering. With a positive brand reputation built for over a century, you can feel at ease knowing the products you’re using shall deliver their purpose. 

Why are door closers important?

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The hand of a man opens the door to the bathroom.

Door closers allow doors to close automatically. Whether you forget to push the door close or have your hands full, the door will be still automatically close and correctly at that. 

Door closers, in a way, help enhance safety, especially if there are young children in the area that might go out on their own or get caught in the door. These devices also prevent fires from spreading as they keep closed doors. 

Door closers are available in a variety of price ranges and features. You can choose one that fits your budget and needs. You can choose manual or automatic door closers or those concealed from view if you’re concerned about aesthetics. 

If you’re shopping from a specific brand, say with the automatic door supplier, Dormakaba, be sure you’re transacting with a certified business partner so you can receive authentic products and warranties. 

It’s also crucial to have your door assessed correctly by a specialist or lock supplier in  Singapore. The door closer, or any device you’re installing for your entry, should fit right in. 

Why are door closers important?

  • Keeping entry and exit points closed. Door closers keep the door closed at all times, which helps improve safety and security on your property. This keeps onlookers from getting a view of your vicinity or getting access to your property. 
  • Smooth closure. When not closed properly or closed abruptly, heavy doors can pose safety hazards. Little children or vulnerable individuals can get caught in them. Installing door closers can help ensure that doors close as smoothly as possible. You won’t have to rush to the door especially when both your hands are occupied. You also won’t have to worry about the door banging loudly. 
  • Protecting the door system. Doors closing at heavy force may risk damaging the entire system. The door frame could get damaged. Placing door closers is an affordable way to ensure door longevity and prevent premature replacements or repairs.

Choosing a door closer can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time doing so. To help simplify the process, contact a representative from a door lock supplier in Singapore to know more about door closers, products, and solutions.

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