Budget Does Not Permit a Rolex? Why a Tudor is a Worthy Alternative

So, you are looking to treat yourself to a high-end watch that will act as your forever timepiece, but your budget does not permit a Rolex. Well, don’t fuss. That’s because you can always turn to its “younger sibling:” Tudor, a worthy Rolex alternative. By going this route, you will enjoy the aesthetic qualities, durability, and exceptional features that you can enjoy with a Rolex, minus the steep price tag. 

There are so many reasons why opting for a Tudor watch in the mold of a Submariner, Black Bay, or 1926 is the way to go. Some of the most notable ones are elaborated below: 

Retains value

tudor watch

If you are a bit skeptical about whether or not a Tudor watch is a significant investment, then you’d be happy to know that many newbie and long-time watch specialists agree that it is. That’s because compared to other timepieces that are produced by other entities that diminish in price after some time, those that Tudor makes hold their value. The value of some models is even driven upwards, depending on certain factors such as supply and demand, condition, and so on. 

Regardless of whether you are planning to pass it on to the next generation or reselling your beloved Tudor watch, you can rest assured that it will retain significant value. Just make sure to keep the original box and the authentication papers since this can back your watch’s genuineness. 

Elegant design

If aesthetics is your primary concern when buying a watch, then a Tudor watch is a good choice. That’s because most of the models that the company releases are elegant, unique, beautifully crafted, and everything in between. In addition to these, many of its timepieces do not just come with magnificent designs; they are even embedded with valuable features. Simply put, a Tudor watch packs the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. 

Suit different types of dress codes

The elegant design of Tudor watches is complemented by a wide variety of techniques that can complement your personality and, therefore, the clothes that you wear. The timepieces that the company releases are specifically designed to be used by divers, doctors, engineers, businessmen, and even “ordinary joes” as well as “plain janes.” 

Precision-based movements

Since 2015, Tudor has created in-house calibers and rebranded itself as a leading watch tools maker. Such a move allowed the company to ensure that its mastery of craftsmanship was retained. Along with this development came improvements in the company’s chronometer technology thanks to the release of the MT 5601 chronometer, an extreme precision-based caliber with a power reserve that can last for up to 72 hours. 

Summing up

Watch lovers know it very well: if you buy a Tudor watch, you are getting a top-notch and elegant timepiece that comes at an incredible price. So, if you are not sold out on the idea of buying one, take note of the factors that were elaborated here. By doing so, you will obtain a watch that is one for the books when it comes to design, durability, versatility, and price range. 

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