IELTS Speaking: Significantly Changing the Outcome

IELTS Speaking

In Meridian’s YouTube videos, your body language shapes your personality; our experts explain how just two minutes of “presentation power” before an “assessment situation,” like an IELTS test, can change your outcome. But what is power? The idea of ​​generating power is that your body language, how you stand or sit can affect your confidence, which can affect your results. Here is how IELTS is speaking: significantly changing the outcome.

IELTS Speaking Significance

The power of presentation

Our expert describes two types of power representations — high power and low power. She suggests that the powerful poses are physically open poses, such as a wide position with your hands in a V-shape on the top of the head. These are offered to increase your confidence and sense of power. On the other hand, solid and weak poses are physically constricted, making this position small and closed, thus reducing confidence and a sense of control. Although the findings have been controversial over the years, this is an exciting example of how psychological aspects can affect the IELTS test. You can ask the best study in USA consultant to help you in your IELTS preparation.


Our student at coaching talk is fascinating to watch and valuable for your IELTS preparation. Listening and learning on various topics is a good practice before the exam. Watching English shows is a great way to improve your vocabulary with fun.

Watch the complete discussion below or click here. While watching, take notes and record your 1-2 minute conversation on this topic, just like you would on your conversation test. A Meridian Overseas student babbles, so it may be difficult to understand him first. Don’t worry! The primary purpose of this exercise is to understand his point, not to practice your listening skills, so use subtitles if necessary. The whole conversation is interesting, but the main section for IELTS candidates starts around 10:15.

After watching Meridian Overseas conversation, look at the English show’s website. Find other discussions that interest you and do the same exercise with them. Watching conversations on different topics will only be helpful for your practice.

If you want more IELTS-focused experience, look for the best IELTS coaching in Delhi or near you. You will find free simulation tutorials, tips, and tests.

Finally, try to introduce yourself! Let us know if you agree with Meridian Overseas research and how you feel before taking the test.

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