Amazing Ways To Create Cute Look With Claw Clips

Claw clip is the hair accessory of the 90s, and it is making a comeback now. When we talk about the trend and beauty trends, you may have observed that these are cyclic. Styles that were popular in old times and faded out after some time, these trends and styles make come back excellently. The perfect example of the fashion comeback is the claw clip.

It is a 90s hair accessory that has made a significant comeback. You may have observed some models, celebrities, and influencers wearing claw clips. The claw clips are available in different styles and patterns. You can easily create a cute and simple hairstyle by using claw clips. Also, the claw clips are used to create chic hairstyles to look trendy with the 90s hair accessory.

There are different styles and sizes of claw clips like mini claw clips, claw clips for thick hair, etc. Are you looking for other ideas to create a chic hairstyle with the claw clips? Read the following points and create unique hairstyles:

Tips To Wear A Claw Hair Clip

The claw clips are pretty versatile and unique than you might think. Some of the cute hairstyles which you can create by using the claw clips are as follow:  

Half-Up, Half-Down

It is a classic hairstyle that you can easily create by using the claw clip. With the help of the claw clips, you can quickly get the right look in just a few minutes. We recommend that you use your fingers to create sections of your hair. You have to make the horizontal section and clutch the top later at the nape of the neck. To take your hair, you should use a claw clip. Leave the lower area as it is. You can add a twist to the hairstyle by curling your hair. You can create this hairstyle with hair claw clips for thin hair.

Also, it would help if you experimented by wearing various claw clips. First of all, divide your hair from the center. After that, create the horizontal section. It will leave you with four different areas of hair. Take two claw clips and clutch the top two teams of your hair. Make sure that you add claw clips in your hair so that you get the claw clips parallel to each other. It is one of the best ways to add dimension to your hairstyle. Stylish mini claw clips for hair will make your half-up half-down hairstyle look amazing. 

Ballerina Bun

When you create the classic ballerina bun, your hair accessories are not visible. Usually, elastic and bobby pins are used to secure your hair ends. The hair accessories are disguised in your hair strands. On the other hand, if you use the claw clips doing this hairstyle, then it will look amazing. To do the ballerina bin with the claw clip, you should start twisting your hair in a bun in a usual way. After that, you should use the large claw clips to secure the bun. While adding the claw clips, you should ensure that the hook latches both ends of the bun. Also, the hair accessory should tie the hair underneath. If you want to make a casual hairstyle, you should pull out small strands near your ear.

Important Tip: Small claw clips cannot hold your thick hair. If you have thick hair, then purchase the claw clips for thick hair according to the volume of your hair. Also, it would help if you first secured the ballerina bun with the help of elastic. To ensure your hair strands in your ballerina bun, you should use the hair spray. A hair tie will make sure that your bun will remain secure. The elastic will help in keeping your bun in the right place. The claw clip will give double protection and also decorate your bun.

Twisted ‘90s Updo

We have already explained that claw clip is the hair accessory of the 90s. Therefore, by using the 90s hair accessory, we can easily recreate the 90s updo. First of all, you should pull all your hair beneath your shoulders. After that, you should grab your hair in your hands so that you are creating a ponytail. Now, start twisting your hair and keep doing it until you reach the ends. After that, pull your hair in the upward direction at the back of your head. The twist will start laying against the head and vertical in order. To secure this twist, you should take a large claw clip. This hairstyle will remind you of your 90s supermodel.  


These are the top three cute and simple hairstyles that you can easily do with the claw clip. Ensure that you have the right style and size of claw clip collection in your hair accessory box.

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