5 secret ways to Naturally Increase Instagram Followers (2021)

1. A brand, not a page, is what people care about.

Seventy-five percent is more likely to follow.

Because most branded pages are seen as pages with an atmosphere of dedication to the subject your Instagram page specializes in, a branded page is 75 percent more likely to obtain a follow.

One of the main issues we’ve identified with DIY Instagram Marketing (including me and you) is that users establish a page, not a brand, based on our agency’s experience.

When you’re focused on developing a brand, your viewpoint on how you want your page to be regarded will shift. It’s gone from a haphazardly put-together page to a well-designed page! Create a brand, not just a messenger!

Use the 10-second rule to your advantage.

This is a fun way to put the 10-second rule to the test on your friends and family. Ask them to take a 10-second look at your Instagram feed to see if they can figure out what your specialty is. Is the page also professional in appearance? If not, keep reading!

This strategy has worked for us a hundred times: starting with your posts, all photos must be uniform in terms of color. Keep things simple for your users by using only one color. Keep in mind that little is more.

Users can tell that your brand’s general message is hidden under a consistent color when they see it. As a result, this color will aid in the retention of your brand’s image in people’s minds. They are increasing the likelihood of visitors becoming organic followers.

What distinguishes a branded image?

If you’re posting images taken during the day, stick to taking shots during the day rather than taking photos throughout the night. If you have filters on, the same thing applies to you.

Use the same filter to maintain your page looking “branded.” Do you make any adjustments to the brightness or contrast of your photographs? Applying the same brightness and contrast to your postings is an excellent way to make them look more professional.

It’s not a good idea to copy and paste.

Do you have a quotations page? Or a page where you essentially copy-and-paste Google images? Ask your friends if they think the photos are from random sources after the 10-second test. If this is the case, it’s a warning sign.

We’ve seen Instagram reward those that create individual posts when working with a number of our clients, and its advanced social algorithm can readily detect this.

Once you’ve managed to attract an Instagram user’s curiosity, they’ll begin scrolling through your posts. What kind of captions do you employ? Is there a pattern?

Take a look at the posts from Bentley, a car manufacturer. All of their photos are congruent with their brand. The colors, as well as the brightness and contrast, are identical.

2. Use hashtags and locations that are relevant to your followers.

Celebrities who have harnessed the power of hashtags

Large brands like Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, and Versace have mastered the use of tags and locations on Instagram stories to increase followers organically. Tags are used by celebrity businesses such as 50 Cent and Kylie Jenner.

They haven’t missed a single opportunity to use valuable hashtags relating to their niche in their posts. Consider BooHoo, which is now employing #Competition and #Giveaway # buy Facebook followers in the UK in their Facebook posts to increase organic followers.

This is working well for them right now. Instagram’s algorithm can tell if a story has gone viral or is about to go viral. You want to be classified as one of the latter.

Following the use of powerful hashtags,

Instagram will automatically highlight you in the explore feed if you’ve been identified as a “viral-to-be” story based on the hashtag and location you’ve supplied.

Let’s pretend you’ve gone viral for the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Those who are subscribed to the discover feed in that area will begin to notice your viral tale—increasing the number of organic followers in that area.

Want to go viral without using hashtags?

If hashtags are destroying the aesthetic of your narrative, don’t worry; we’ve come up with a clever solution. Like camouflage, you may change the color of the hashtag to match your background.

Another solution we offer to our clients is to reduce the size of the hashtag to the point where it is scarcely visible. Don’t worry; Instagram will recognize the hashtag on the story with both solutions.

Keep your Instagram stories relevant to your business.

Remember how we talked about branding earlier? Keep this in mind as you tell stories about your company. Instagram stories are still popular among IG pages in 2019.

Instagram stories are still important in 2019, according to our analysis.

The ability to publish a single story that will display in all of your followers’ home feeds is a great way to gain more organic followers.

In this case, hashtags were employed in a post rather than a story. As you can see, the use of hashtags by amateurs and professionals differs significantly.

3. Make yourself known to gain more Instagram followers.

Transparency is crucial!

Instagram thrives on genuine individuals who engage in real conversation. The importance of being authentic and open cannot be overstated. To be transparent, we intend to show your face.

Yes, you’re demonstrating your ability to communicate better your brand’s story and how your branded content is affecting change. Instagram pages with individuals have a 39 percent higher chance of receiving a follow.

People assume no transparency when they don’t see the person behind the brand/Instagram page.

Showing that you’re confident will help you gain more followers.

By revealing your face, you will not only enhance your chances of gaining thousands of new natural followers, but you will also increase your sales tenfold.

This has worked for many clients who have displayed their faces and watched visitors turn into followers. Create a connection between your face and your brand.

Transparency also reassures your followers that you are trustworthy and confident, putting them at ease.

Who is capable of doing this effectively?

Agencies exemplify this. Not only do they post about their services, but they also utilize Instagram stories to display their faces, which builds trust and organic followers who eventually convert to customers.

As previously said, the article and page narrative highlights feature is a fantastic way to highlight:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What are your goals for your Instagram page?
  • What would you like to alter?
  • What kind of services do you provide?
  • How did you come up with the idea for this business?

Sal Ali is the creator of @farsali. He is a branding expert who has worked in the field. Farsali, the company he runs, has perfected brand recognition and transparency. He identifies himself as the company’s creator and explains the brand’s ethos.

4. Make posts that pique your readers’ interest.

What Instagram has in common with people

Instagram’s algorithm adores interesting and distinctive content that people enjoy. They may also observe which of your content generates the most organic engagement. Then they figure out what your typical engagement rate is.

Instead of thinking about what will go viral right away when developing content for your posts, think about what will go viral later. Return to the drawing board and consider what kind of material would pique the user’s interest.

Do your friends and relatives want to click on the postings after running the 10-second test on them? If they do, your Instagram postings are on the right track.

Bonus point!

We’ll throw in an extra tip right now: Load the image onto your phone/laptop/device when you’re planning your posts or picking which photographs to upload to your page. Then, glance at the photo with your device at a safe distance. Is the image conveying the level of excitement you want to feel? visit for more info https://bestfollowers.uk/

Try including your brand’s logo at the bottom of your post or image when producing it. This will stick in the minds of users, and you may gain more followers as a result.

5. Work together to go viral

Isn’t it frightening to collaborate?

Collaborate with an influencer with thousands of natural followers to generate traffic to your page as quickly as feasible. Isn’t it frightening when we say collaborate?

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