Change Your Steam Username and Get Your New Account Name

You might need to change your Steam nickname, but is it possible? Well, yes, you can change your Steam nickname or profile link, but you’re not able to change your actual account name in Steam. So, if you wish to change your Steam nickname or link, you can follow the instructions below containing other important information regarding Steam. Follow the steps indicated, and you’ll have your new Steam nickname! The new one will be available in your Steam folder.

Your Steam overlay panel:

To change your Steam nickname, locate the Steam Manager in your Steam overlay panel, next to your interface options. Select Change User Name or Add Friend, depending on which profile you want to modify. You’ll see a list of all your existing Steam profiles, including yours, in the list. Click on the + sign in the right corner of the Steam Manager to display the proper corner navigation.

Select the Edit Profile button if you prefer to change your Steam nickname. You’ll see an edit profile button with a red dotted line between your existing Steam user ID and your new Steam account name. Hover your mouse cursor over this bar, and it will change to the color green as soon as you move it inside the highlighted region of your choice. It will also expand to fill up the whole selection, so be sure to select the text portion of your choice before choosing the shift key. This will change your nickname selected to your new Steam account username.

Change your Steam account name:

To change your Steam username Steam account name and change your Steam nickname, log in to Steam and click on the Games/Social area at the top of the page. You’ll see a section marked Changing My Account. Select the Steamed slider and change your selected steamed here. The selection is available from 100 to 500, depending on how many characters you use. Your steam friends see your chosen boiled when they try to connect to you through Steam; if they already know you steamed, they will see a different number, which is your custom number for your Steam account.

Change your Steam nickname and private browsing mode For most users, changing your Steam nickname and private browsing modes is pretty straightforward. First, go to the Control Panel tab, click on Programs, and click on “Internet Options.” Here, change the “Browsing history” drop-down to “Yes” and select “New” to create a new page. Your Steam friends list will now appear; click on the plus sign next to your private browser entry and select “OK.”

Your Steam Profile:

Change your Steam profile name If you wish to change your Steam profile name, go to the “Steam” section on the main menu, click “profile,” and then click “Change.” You will be prompted to enter a new account name to replace the existing one. Be sure to type a unique and exciting name so that you won’t end up with a common word that many other people have used. When finished, save the change, and you’ll be prompted again to confirm the change. Your account name will be updated at this stage as well.

Edit your Steam Friends List To change your Steam account name and change your Steam nickname, go to your Steam Community, click on “Steam,” and click on “Friends.” On the “Steam” tab, click on “Edit,” select the drop-down box next to “IDs,” and type the new Steam user ID for your profile, if you have one. You can change your Steam nickname or both if you like when you’re finished editing your Steam friends list. Your changes will be applied immediately.


Apply Changes If everything is successful, change your Steam username, and the Steam nickname will change quickly and automatically within minutes. How quick? About ten times faster than you might think! If you haven’t changed your Steam account name or Steam nickname yet, go ahead and do so at any time suitable to you. As long as you remember to log out of Steam before doing anything, your changes will be applied!

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