How To Apply For An SEO Content Writer Job

Are you a strong writer with good research skills and a complete understanding of the effective use of keywords for SEO purposes? If so, you could have a future as an SEO article writer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to keywords to help websites appear higher on a page of search engine results. SEO article writers research and produce articles covering specific topics based on these keywords.

Companies buy SEO articles with persuasive and informative writing to help boost their ranking in search engine results. The best use of keywords contained on a website drives that site higher on the results page following a web search using those keywords.

But it’s often about more than keyword usage. The content of the article containing those keywords should answer a reader’s questions about the topic they searched. It is up to the SEO article writer to more or less “get inside the head” of the reader and provide the information that might persuade that reader to buy a product or use a service.

Working as an SEO content writer can be a rewarding and demanding career. If this sounds like something you might be interested in pursuing, let’s take a closer look at how to apply for a job as a content writer for SEO.

Choose Your Potential Employer

Any company that has a website can benefit from the services of an SEO article writer. If you have a particular company you might desire to work for, research their website and explore their careers page to find out if they need an SEO writer. It could be most beneficial to target companies that have recently launched websites and seek content to help place their site higher on search engine pages.

Companies offering SEO content writing services are significant employers of SEO article writers. Web design companies, public relations agencies, and marketing firms also employ SEO content writers.

Build A Portfolio

To apply for work as an SEO content writer, it is beneficial, if not downright necessary, to have a portfolio to present to prospective employers. You can build this portfolio by:

·      Writing guest posts

·      Starting your blog

·      Producing social media content

·      Generating white paper mock-ups

·      Creating material for nonprofit organizations

Network with other writers and use social media to find opportunities to write these types of articles. Focus on using keywords in these articles and posts to show employers that you understand how to insert these words and phrases naturally into your writing. Work that displays your ability to write headlines, meta descriptions, and alt tags could prove to be most beneficial.

In many cases, you may not receive payment for these writings, but they will prove effective when applying to SEO content writing services companies. These will showcase your ability to write clearly and generate the type of content that best meets an employer’s needs.

Pitch An Article Idea

Another way to apply for an SEO content writer job is to approach a company, marketing firm, or SEO content writing service and pitch an idea you might have for an article. Writing an initial report that is well-received could lead to more permanent work.

Research, the company you pitch your idea to, show them that you are interested in and knowledgeable about their product or service, and demonstrate your research skills.

In your pitch, be sure to include a proposed deadline. Adhering to deadlines is a big part of being an SEO article writer, and establishing quickly that you can meet deadlines can go a long way toward obtaining an SEO writing job. Also, link to writing samples in your proposal.

Show Your Credentials

Unless you’re applying for a freelance SEO article writer position, you may be asked to possess a relevant degree. Be ready to show that you have a degree in marketing, journalism, English, communications, or creative writing.

You may need to have experiences in a content management system, such as WordPress, and keyword research tools, i.e., Moz Keyword Explorer, KWFinder, and SEMrush. The more tools you can use, the better.

List relevant skills that employers would look for in an SEO article writer. These include attention to detail, organizational skills, time management, and multitasking. Many employers also seek strong proofreading skills.

It can be helpful to have more than a passing knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML or XML.

This requirement can vary from one company to another, but list them if you have skills in this area.

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