Top 5 Fun Facts about Rhinos

Top 5 Fun Facts about Rhinos

Read Top 5 Fun Facts about Rhinos, which are the fascinating animals on the planet.

  1. The black (5000 rhinos) and white (19000 rhinos) of Sub-Saharan Africa, the greater one-horned rhino of India, the Sumatran rhino found on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo, and the most critically endangered rhino of all, the Javan rhino found in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia, are the five species of rhino that can still be found in the wild.
  • These magnificent species are among the world’s largest mammals! The white rhino is the largest of the five species, growing to 1.8m tall and weighing 2,500kg — the equivalent of 30 men! Its one of the interesting facts about Rhinos.
  • Keratin, which is also found in human hair and fingernails, is found in rhino horns. The horns, though, aren’t merely dense clusters of hair. CT scans revealed significant calcium and melanin mineral deposits in the horn’s center. The calcium strengthens the horn, while the melanin protects it from UV rays. Because the keratin in the front grows faster than the keratin in the back, rhino horns tend to bend backward, toward the head. After years of use, the horn’s outside is soft and can be worn down or sharpened. If a horn is broken, it can regrow over time.
  • Rhinos have weak eyesight, but their other senses more than compensate for it. If a rhino wasn’t moving, it would have a hard time seeing someone standing 30 meters away. The rhino, on the other hand, will easily notice a human who moves, makes a sound, or can even be smelled by it, even at large distances.
  • For millennia, Asian doctors have used powdered rhino horn in their medication. Rhino horn is still sought after despite the lack of proof or studies proving its curative properties.

According to the International Rhino Foundation, it’s been used to treat and cure various ailments, including aging, arthritis, asthma, chest colds, chickenpox, convulsions, coughing, demonic possession, diphtheria, and a slew of other conditions.

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