10 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Should Be Your Next Career

If you’re looking for your next career move, you might want to consider cloud computing. With more than 600,000 jobs expected to be created by 2020, there’s no question that this sector is exploding and if you have the right skills and background, this could be your best career opportunity yet. Here are 10 reasons why cloud computing should be your next career. 

1) Fast salary increase 

As a cloud computing expert, you can get your salary increase in as little as two years. While most industries take three to five years for an employee to receive a substantial wage increase, you could gain 25 percent or more of additional income simply by working within cloud computing. Keep in mind that raises and bonuses may be based on performance evaluations and seniority within an organization. 

2) The industry is growing fast 

The cloud computing industry is projected to grow from $69 billion in 2016 to $162 billion by 2020. This rise in cloud computing means many new opportunities are arising for developers, especially those with expertise in cloud platforms like AWS. According to Smart Recruiters, almost half of all companies plan on hiring more employees with cloud computing skills in 2017, which makes it a great time to get into these fields. 

3) You can still be part of the team even if you’re remote 

People can sometimes feel like they are missing out on something if they don’t work in an office every day. It may be hard to understand how you can contribute to a project if you’re not in an office, but it’s much easier than people think! If someone is working remotely, it does not mean that he or she isn’t doing any work. With modern IT technology, communication between co-workers is easy and instant, which means you don’t have to make your presence known by being there every day. 

4) The job market is huge 

The cloud computing job market is as huge as it is wide, encompassing positions in IT and many other industries. So if you’re looking for a career, it doesn’t get much better than a field with billions of dollars in annual growth. No matter what your skills or strengths are whether they lie in programming or engineering or human resources the cloud computing industry likely has a place for you. Even more importantly, though, every business will be taking advantage of some aspect of cloud computing within five years; according to IDC research , roughly 80 percent of all companies are expected to adopt at least one cloud service by 2017. 

5) More opportunities in other fields 

There’s no denying that cloud computing is one of today’s hottest fields for tech professionals, but it’s also not without its drawbacks. With fewer job openings and higher demand in other IT fields, many candidates are starting to consider other areas of specialization. 

6) You can advance rapidly 

It doesn’t matter what level of education you have, or how many years of experience you have. If you are passionate about technology and cloud computing, there is no limit to how far your career can go. There is always a new position for talented people who are ambitious and willing to take on challenges of cloud computing. There are leadership roles and management opportunities at every step in your career. 

7) Freedom to do your own thing 

If you want to get a job working in cloud computing, you don’t have to search very hard or very long. And finding a great cloud computing gig is only half of it. You may also be able to work from home and make your own schedule, too. It’s all about freedom,to do what you love for a living and get paid for it at the same time.  

8) You can contribute to something bigger than yourself 

It’s easy to feel small in a career focused on sales, or engineering. But even though we may be cogs in something much larger than ourselves, there is value and importance in being able to contribute to a company’s bottom line. Being valued for your work is important for any career and an integral part of cloud computing. 

9) Work-life balance is almost guaranteed 

When you work in cloud computing, you can set your own hours and feel confident that your work will get done. Even if you’re just starting out, chances are that your workload will be lightened by technology. Automation services such as app servers, chatbots and various apps take care of a huge chunk of IT management. This gives new cloud computing employees time to strategize with their team members and make critical business decisions. 

10) Make a difference! 

If you’re looking to become a cloud computing professional, do it for more than a paycheck. One of the most vital aspects of a successful career is passion. You need to be passionate about what you do or you will ultimately lack motivation and drive. If you can channel your cloud computing skills into something that helps people, animals or Mother Nature even better!