Amazon Free Cloud Training – All You Need to Know

You’ve likely heard of Amazon’s cloud-based storage and computing service, called Amazon Web Services (AWS). Launched in 2006, AWS offers technology services that range from analytics to hosting and everything in between, as well as data management and security services. But what is the best way to learn about these services? How can you get started using them? Whether you want to learn more about the cloud or are just looking for some career advice, you’ll find this guide on amazon free cloud training helpful. 

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 

Amazon Web Services is a free cloud platform that gives you access to a wide range of different technologies. These services are provided as pay-as-you-go modules, and they include features like analytics, marketing, payments processing, storage and Cloud computing. Basically, any service you could use or imagine needing in your company can be accessed through AWS. But despite its many benefits, using AWS can seem confusing and complicated at first glance. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have all of your questions answered before using these services on behalf of your business.  

How Does Amazon Web Services Work? 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was created as a way for Amazon to provide its customers with services that are scaled and easy to access. That philosophy has made AWS one of the leading cloud computing platforms in use today, and, if you’re interested in learning more about it, all you need is some basic information and you can start your free learning at any time. This guide will walk you through everything from understanding how AWS works to getting started using their services.  

What Is AWS Certification? 

AWS certification is, by far, one of the most valuable certifications available. For those who are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s a cloud-computing platform and collection of products that allow you to host, manage, and access your data in an easy and cost-effective way. Getting certified also paves your way for a rewarding career in cloud computing.  What Does It Cover?: When getting ready to sign up for AWS certification, you should have a clear understanding of what Amazon offers and how it compares with competitors such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.  

Learning Paths on AWS 

 There are many AWS Learning Paths available for beginners and advanced users alike. AWS Learning Paths are sets of courses that guide you through key concepts in specific technology areas. These learning paths will take you from start to finish as it relates to your learning goals with individual courses added as part of each section. You’ll also have access to a pre-course assessment, which helps us determine how best to deliver training.  

How to Ace the Exam 

There are three ways you can take AWS certification exams: live, online and self-paced. The live exam is offered at testing centers in various cities around the world throughout most of 2017. No travel is required; you simply register for a specific time, show up and take it. This method works well if you have trouble focusing or need face-to-face support while taking an exam. Registering for an online test eliminates travel entirely but requires reliable Internet access (either wired or wireless).  

Get a Job in IT as an AWS Engineer 

Choosing a career path can be difficult. One of your best options is moving from a traditional computer science degree into IT systems administration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This guide will walk you through what you need to know about getting started as an AWS engineer, including a list of skill sets you’ll need and strategies for landing an entry-level job in cloud operations.